Handcrafted Shaker Boxes

traditional methods, modern design 

Fresh from the wood shop

Inspired by my grandaughter, the 'Rin' Cushion is a must have tool for the textile artist. 


The Build

In a simple box there is just four pieces of wood and about seventeen steps before you have a completed piece. Carving and shaping the "fingers" or "swallow tails" then pre-drilling for the copper tacks are some of the first steps. After this, off to the steam box for about 30 minutes. This procedure gives you that all important and very brief flexibility allowing you to bend the band around your form. This is done to first the bottom and then the top band. Giving time to dry, about two days, the bands are read for internal sanding. Now the top and bottom boards are custom shaped to each band, carefully inserted and fastened with wood pegs. What follows is much sanding then linseed oil and bees wax.